10 Auto Components, the Repair of Which is Better to Entrust to the Masters

A lot of car enthusiasts who know how to fix a variety of car malfunctions on their own. As a rule, these are small breakdowns that do not require any serious knowledge about the structure of the car and the features of the materials from which it is made. However, it is not uncommon for our craftsmen to solve problems that at first glance seem easy to fix, but in reality require professional skills and experience.

Of course, before taking on such things, sleek car owners may well “smoke forums” or buy specialized literature on their car, and at the same time buy a lot of professional (and not cheap) equipment and tools for repair. However, if you do not plan to open your own car repair shop, these costs may simply not pay off. In addition, you will face a path of trial and error, which does not necessarily lead to positive results.

So, there is a great chance not only not to eliminate, but also to aggravate the breakdown, and then stay far away from civilization on a crumbling car.

Body repair and painting

man repair car

Repairing damaged body panels is an expensive, dirty, harmful and incredibly time-consuming process that requires impressive preparation work, high-quality tools and precise adherence to all technologies. To correct dents you will need not only a lot of abrasives, grinders, fillers and solvents, but also a wealth of experience in the field, without which you simply can not derive all the irregularities. And painting, made “from a spray can” or a cheap gun, is unlikely to please the perfect hit in color and texture. “Orange peel”, dust inclusions and ledges are just a few of the troubles you are guaranteed to get as a result of savings on paintwork. Without a painting camera, coloring, and most importantly experience, you will never even be able to get close to a positive result in this area.

Sewing the car’s brains


Most car owners believe that they can improve the engine control program by reflashing, i.e. chip tuning. It is not really known why our motorists (as well as numerous underground “tuners”) consider themselves more competent in this matter than professionals with many years of experience and world reputation, but the fact remains. The natural and expected result of such interventions is a decrease in the life span of the motor, failures of control units, deterioration of performance in various modes and delayed breakdowns, which do not manifest themselves immediately, but will certainly come out later. If you consciously want to experiment with the settings and know the rules of the game, trust this work to true professionals, but in no case do not try to do it yourself or by garage master self-taught without specialized education and real knowledge.

Replacing the windscreen

Replacing the windscreen on any modern car is very time consuming. At many car factories, people have not trusted this operation for a long time: robots apply the adhesive sealant more evenly and position the glass more accurately in the aperture. To change cracked, broken or wiped glass, today it is not enough just to pull out the sealing tape as it used to be, and then use a rope to insert new glass. Now you have to buy a string or torch and get the support of an assistant. And it will take a lot of time – the glue must solidify reliably. You will need knowingly high quality materials, all kinds of frames and mounting elements. Already this is enough to permanently repel the desire to change the glass itself. Finally, it just can be broken or glued curved or leaky.

Repair of electrical wiring

Malfunctions related to wiring and electrical circuits should always be trusted only by first-class professionals. In today’s car, there are a huge number of conductors, relays, sensors, fuses and connectors that are damaged, broken, oxidised or simply mysteriously stopped working for no apparent reason. Floating faults can sometimes not be eliminated even by qualified industrial electricians. Do not think that you are more competent than these specialists. Multiplex car wiring is extremely complex and capricious – all its modules must communicate in the same language, not subject to amateurs.

Fuel System Repair

Repair of the fuel system and everything related to the injection system must also be carried out by specialists. Above all, for safety reasons. This is an area where any mistake can lead to self-ignition of the car, injuries and even fatal outcome of the master’s grief. It is unlikely that you would like to get third-degree burns due to fuel sprayed on the hot exhaust manifold. The system maintains high pressure, and fuel is a toxic and inflammable substance that poses a deadly danger to your health. Leave the nozzles, ramps, fuel tank, fuel lines and pump to service stations to repair.

Transmission repair

The gearbox of any car is a technological device, sometimes overtaking even the engine in complexity. These are dozens of gears, bearings, dowels, pins, glands and springs, which are shot off in different directions when trying to interfere with the design of incompetent master. It is for this reason that motorists (and craftsmen) prefer not to get involved with repair of this device, but simply change it entirely to a used or new one. In any case, half the gearbox, you can hardly assemble it back and even more so repair.

Air Conditioner Compressor Repair

The compressor of an air conditioner also causes many problems in case of breakage. This is another difficult detail, which experienced motorists prefer not to disassemble and try to resuscitate, and just change it for a new one. At breakage and failure of this device numerous metal splinters and shavings get into system which clogs up the condenser and destroys seals of fittings. Repair of the compressor is labour-intensive, complex and demanding to the executor and the equipment. Do not forget also that the air conditioning system needs to be pressed and filled with freon, which can not be done normally in garage conditions.

Brake system repair

Repairing the braking system is a highly responsible operation. Even unqualified replacement of pads can cause breakdowns or accidents. Not to mention the replacement of brake fluid, hoses, expansion tank, master and slave brake cylinders and vacuum booster. All brake fluid handling requires subsequent pumping of the system. Inhalation of the line and air suction result in poor braking performance or complete brake failure. Do not risk your life or the safety of others!

Airbag repair

Airbags are as dangerous as the suspension springs already mentioned. A triggered airbag can throw an adult away by several meters and cause serious injury or burns. Do not try to replace the airbag, dismantle it or repair the electric cable yourself. Doing so may result in the device being triggered. And if you do perform any operations on these devices, be sure to disconnect the battery beforehand. Remember that safety savings can come from the side.