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We are fond of cars from adolescence. For us it is a professional interest and a favorite hobby.

Most of us initially went without paying attention to the device car, then somehow asked themselves a question: how does it all work? We read on the Internet, understood for ourselves, at first it was difficult, some incomprehensible words. But good, there are kind and responsive people who helped us to learn the basics of the car.

And now, we, in plain language, will tell you how, what works in the car.

We hope you will find much useful information on the pages of this site. Specifically in this section, you can find articles about the technical aspects of the car (operating principles, chemistry, etc.) as well as many answers to questions in a form accessible to perception. Many things have been tested on personal experience, as I myself am a motorist with experience (10 years driving, several times changed the brand) when pointing to the car brand you are interested in (in the lower right corner of the site), you will find all the articles in one way or another related to it (reviews, repairs, appropriate care, in short, all that is on the site) Please subscribe to the mailing list, leave comments on the articles of interest, and find out the latest information.


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