Prices in US

The prices are given on the site as a review of the pricing policy of car services of the country. Depending on the model of the car and the cost of consumables, the price of work may vary in a greater or lesser direction. You can find out the exact cost of works by phone or by coming to our service station.

Types of work: The cost of work in dollars

  • Changing the oil in the engine (without removing the protection) from 200
  • Removal/installation of motor protection from 100
  • Engine flushing from 1000
  • Replacing engine air filter from 800
  • Cabin air filter replacement from 1000
  • Oil change in ICCPR from 450
  • Change of oil in automatic transmission (partial) from 800
  • Coolant replacement from 350
  • Replacement of GUR fluid from 200
  • Replacing a pump from 1000
  • Power amplifier belt replacement from 200
  • Belt replacement of air conditioner from 200
  • Replacing the alternator belt from 200
  • Replacement of the timing belt from 1200
  • Replacement of the timing chain from 2500
  • Rear axle oil change from 200
  • Brake Fluid Replacement from 250